Monday, April 23, 2007

Bheja Fry-laugh your heart out!

I was not too excited about watching this movie last Friday.It was raining quite heavily and I really didn't have the enthu for a movie late in the night. Especially, after a string of bad Hindi movies I watched , I had almost given up on Bollywood movies.
But surprise surprise!
Bheja Fry was such a welcome break at the end of a hectic week.
It was awesome.I was laughing almost through out the movie.
All the actors are quite natural..You don't get to see Sarika for too long on the screen.
Rajat Kapoor and Milind Soman are quite good.I especially liked the scene when Milind Soman cannot stop laughing. Most of us in the audience were in the same state too!
But it is Vinay Pathak,who steals the show.He is so comical and his expressions - just priceless.He makes you laugh so easily and he is such a natural.
Another good thing about the movie is that there are no songs,so no ill-timed item numbers popping in from nowhere. And there is something happening through out the movie.
Seriously, I cannot think of anything bad about the movie.
It is a must watch!Pooh pooh the reviews which have given this movie a 2 star rating.This is a clear winner.
Just watch it and have fun!


Friday, November 10, 2006


I know its not mother's day..but still.. :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"radio mirchi -honk sak-HONK HOoooooooonk- kath hot magaaa.. " i could not block out the traffic noise inspite of the loud volume of my player..i had bought a new mobile with radio just to pass the time i spend in trying to get home from work.and thats a lot of time if u r in bangalore..and longer if your mode of commute is the autorickshaw..

The radio station played the all new remixed version of "Yeh merraa dil....." from don...that combined with the different sounds of horns+tyres screeching+ engines vrooming+autodriver talking on his handsfree gave a remix of the remix.. which was not really soothing to my already tired ears... it was 8 in the hour since i left office...aaaargghhhhh.. frustration was creeping slowly into me...but then this is everyday routine.. 7-9 was crib-n-curse-the-traffic time! and today was extra special....traffic jam everywhere!!!and a bonus too- an extremely irritable auto driver..

The signal turned green...suddenly there was life everywhere.. two wheelers just zoomed past was like a giant maze of vehicles.. and my driver was not one short of ideas...he climbed on to the pavement!!!!!dont be too shocked..a very common sight in these parts of the world..we just had to cross bfore the signal hits red again...that was the ultimate goal.
"Goobe!!!!" shouted a guy on the sidewalk pasting himself to the adjacent wall to prevent the auto from hitting him.. and the pavement ,definetely not the best laid one..with alternate crests and troughs..dug up pits,sand,rocks,stones,pebbles, would prove to be any geologists treasure... not to mention the dogs casually relaxing despite the continuous honking of the vehicles on the pavement..but let me not get started on the dogs!!

we somehow crossed the signal bfore it hit red again..thanks to the driver..and sorry to the pedestrians..again a jam....i tried making some small talk with the driver in the little kannada i know..

Me : "daily bejaar ayithu...belai bittu bera oor hogbeku.."
[i follow a rule while talking in kannada.. i use tamil words and simply substitute all the V with belai from velai... ]
driver replied "tamizha maa nee??naan madras"
Me very sheepishy:huh....??ok....
i shudve guessed when he asked for one and half at 6:30 in the evening..

finally as we drove through the jam..we realised that this was just a small branch of a major jam somewhere else..we took so many diversions that i started doubting if we were orbitting the earth.... finally the auto driver gave up and suggested i get off and walk home.... which was atleast 3 kms from other way out...walked all the way home..

i was complaining of a sedentry job only in the morning...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

been a while..

Hey there!
Iam back after long.I cannot believe I actually came in early to blog.Now thats a good sign.Well!there are things I still like doing other than lazing around.I really admire people who remain active in Bangalore.Iam awed by guys who go on these really tiring weekend trips and
tell me about it when I sleepily walk in on Monday looking grumpy.And all I would have done through out weekend is catching some sleep in between naps.which by the way drives my mother mad.Whose favourite word is surusurrupu...and i really dunno what it means.

So for a person like me coming to work early on Monday is a great kick.The empty cubicles.Gives you the feeling that you are ahead of everyone else.Well, should I mention the fact that I was literally thrown out of the house bcos of this really sad and scary incident.
So starting the day early is gonna be my resolution for this new year.And getting home by 7:30 atleast.And blogging regularly is going to be my other.These are my only two resolutions.
The year ahead is goin to be a significant one.With added responsibilities and lots of changes.Sticking to these resolutions will definetely please my loved ones.It will be something I will proudly boast about..Like my morning walks.I have started going for these long walks in the morning, which figures in the top five of the best-things-ive-done-this-year list.My friends gasped when they found out.My parents think its an achievement.It does put me off slightly when I see their shocked looks..and say "Prabha vaaa??"..But still gives me this "Yea..iam great or what" feeling.Anyways life is changing and whoa...big time!! and for the better :-)

Friday, October 21, 2005

A journey continued..

He thought it would be an ordinary journey. Standing behind the pillar he watched the train snort arrogantly into the station. With each snort he was reminded of his grandfather's words "You will fail in the city and return penniless"; with every heavenward whistle, he heard his cousin, "Don't worry. Come here and I will get you a job at the construction site." Now he had a 34-hour journey to prove one of them wrong, and he expected the excitement at the end of the journey. He looked at his ticket once again: compartment S9 berth 23.

He boarded the train and set down his trunk carefully.That was all he had.Few old clothes.He counted the money his granny had given him.1000 rupees.His family’s two month income.He gulped, went to the wash basin and splashed some water on his face.He thought "Me and work at a site??No way!!Iam going to be like Chiranjeevi..a big film star, everyone will want my autograph..." He reminded himself to learn to sign.He stared into the mirror.It was his grandfather he saw ,wagging his stick "Have u ever seen ur face in the mirror?!!" The screech of the train broke his train of thoughts.It had started.A new beginning.And he realized that his ticket was missing in his pocket.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005


It was very late in the night when Ajju was walking down his deserted street.He was getting back from work.He was one of the many call center executives living in a cluttered street in Madiwala.

Hunger was nearly killing him and he walked towards the Hotel something-saagar near his house.He scanned the menu for a few minutes and debated between Curd Rice and Rava Idli.Finally ordered for both and sighed to himself.”15 bucks for this mustard sized idli!!!What is the world coming to..!!”He collected the food packets and left the restaurant.

Thats when he saw her sitting near the corner tea shop.She was always there.However cold it was.However lonely it was... She lived on the streets..she was homeless. She stood there staring at every passerby begging for food.People generally took pity on her and thus she survived.Ajju thought she was being a nuisance.

However she was not really any trouble and looked quite helpless.But today she was staring at Ajju intently with an evil look on her face.He didn’t quite understand.But then..who cares.
She got up slowly and started following him.Ajju was confused…Now why would she do that…But he was thrilled that someone was finally interested in him..too bad the babe sitting next to him in office wasn’t following him around like this....

And suddenly he stopped”Hey wait!!What if she attacks me??Bangalore is really not the safest place on planet Earth…hmmmm..hey man!!!get a life…what can she do” He walked casually with his hands in his pockets and started whistling.
He tried his best not to seem nervous.He tried to maintain his pace but unconsciously his steps quickened.He scolded himself “Why can’t I just have the courage to turn back and glare.After all Iam the stronger one here..”

He could feel her nearing him by the second.He started half-running,half-walking-fast.”Home!!Home!!Home!!” What if the dumb landlord had locked the main gate.He hated him like never before.Much more than when he had hiked the rent atrociously for that matchbox of a house he lived in..that too with 6 other guys.He was amazed that he could think and decide to hate at a time like this.Imagine how his friends would laugh at him if he told them this…They would call him a coward…Was he being one?

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his legs...God was he stabbed???
Now that was it!!!He was going to turn around and hit her..” Have some guts he told himself…
His legs were in no mood to listen to his mind…He dropped everything in his hands and started running …towards home which was at the end of the street.He hoped that it wasn’t his life’s end as well.He ran and ran and finally to the gate of his house and found it open.He thanked god (and not the landlord) a million times and took deep breaths .Once safely in ,he turned to look and there she was.She had torn the food packets and spilled it open right in the middle of the road and was gobbling up his expensive dinner hungrily.

She mustve felt being stared at.She looked up and barked and yelped.
Ajju thought “Now what?Is the stupid thing trying to thank me??I better go and take an Anti-rabies injection tomo”

Friday, September 02, 2005

Born with the bat

Have you been around crazy cricket fans??If you haven’t then be are really not missing much..When I say crazy I mean obsessed..and why they are so i'll not be able to comprehend even in my death bed.I'll probably learn the secret once I reach heaven(assuming that its heaven I reach)
And you desperately wanna reach heaven when one such a maniac sits next to you at work.Iam seriously and surprisingly doing some work …my head phones are on..and Iam tryin to shut out the world and concentrate..
Inspite of that…it comes without warning “oohhhhhhhhhh shiittt!!oooh my Godddd!!!"
Iam on my feet ready to sprint “The roof is falling down!!!”
And they inform me their eyes still glued to the score card… “xyz just got out”..and yea they think it’s a perfectly normal explanation for nearly stopping my heart.
Then a bunch of crazies huddle around lookin at the score and fervently discuss the course of the match…As if this is not enough the next day you get a detailed post mortem.They compare various matches.And you realize "Oh!!Cricket is in the air..everywhere!"

And they don’t only talk about the biggie matches.It could also be about the match between Palaniswamy Colony vs Arun Mozhi theru(street) played in the dirty ground round the corner.They have commentators for those matches too.Sponsors are the ones with the bat and ball.And you are left with an impression that cricket is not a game, its more a mega serial.

And when you are in the company of one such person anything and everything has to have a reference to cricket.Lets call that person "Tutoo".Tutoo charms girls with cricket jokes.Tutoo tells tall stories of how he plays like Dravid.One day he gets outrageously lucky and hey! the girl is bowled over!
Tutoo gets married to the girl.There is a match every single day and night..
Tatoo thinks watching cricket with his wife is the most romantic thing he has ever done in his life.Watching a match from the stands would be the super anniversary gift. The wife does not have to worry about cooking..Tatoo eats and drinks cricket..Sometime later the kids come…Tutoo’s bedtime stories(with action) for his son will be “How I achieved my first century”, “101 tips to bowl like Warne”,“Ganguly Cricket jokes-Complete compilation”And if its a daughter he has he will make Cricket a fairy tale.
And then it strikes u..its really not blood that running through his veins..its cricket..and madness..