Friday, September 02, 2005

Born with the bat

Have you been around crazy cricket fans??If you haven’t then be are really not missing much..When I say crazy I mean obsessed..and why they are so i'll not be able to comprehend even in my death bed.I'll probably learn the secret once I reach heaven(assuming that its heaven I reach)
And you desperately wanna reach heaven when one such a maniac sits next to you at work.Iam seriously and surprisingly doing some work …my head phones are on..and Iam tryin to shut out the world and concentrate..
Inspite of that…it comes without warning “oohhhhhhhhhh shiittt!!oooh my Godddd!!!"
Iam on my feet ready to sprint “The roof is falling down!!!”
And they inform me their eyes still glued to the score card… “xyz just got out”..and yea they think it’s a perfectly normal explanation for nearly stopping my heart.
Then a bunch of crazies huddle around lookin at the score and fervently discuss the course of the match…As if this is not enough the next day you get a detailed post mortem.They compare various matches.And you realize "Oh!!Cricket is in the air..everywhere!"

And they don’t only talk about the biggie matches.It could also be about the match between Palaniswamy Colony vs Arun Mozhi theru(street) played in the dirty ground round the corner.They have commentators for those matches too.Sponsors are the ones with the bat and ball.And you are left with an impression that cricket is not a game, its more a mega serial.

And when you are in the company of one such person anything and everything has to have a reference to cricket.Lets call that person "Tutoo".Tutoo charms girls with cricket jokes.Tutoo tells tall stories of how he plays like Dravid.One day he gets outrageously lucky and hey! the girl is bowled over!
Tutoo gets married to the girl.There is a match every single day and night..
Tatoo thinks watching cricket with his wife is the most romantic thing he has ever done in his life.Watching a match from the stands would be the super anniversary gift. The wife does not have to worry about cooking..Tatoo eats and drinks cricket..Sometime later the kids come…Tutoo’s bedtime stories(with action) for his son will be “How I achieved my first century”, “101 tips to bowl like Warne”,“Ganguly Cricket jokes-Complete compilation”And if its a daughter he has he will make Cricket a fairy tale.
And then it strikes u..its really not blood that running through his veins..its cricket..and madness..