Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Calvin wins

I have always been a big comic fan.When I was in school I used to look forward to train travels so I could read Chacha Chowdhary.Never found that particular one in book stores or libraries.Only in the railway stations.Not that it was great or anything.But back then it was.
Archies were a favourite too.However beyond a point you get bored with them.
And now its Canvin n Hobbes.Nothing to beat it..This guy just rocks!!
There are two things (in fact the only two things) I read in the paper..One is calvin and the other is my daily horoscope :-)
And Calvin is not just a comic.It can never be read like a book.
I can only read a strip a day.Cos it always has a message for me.And I notice it influences the rest of my day too.
More about Calvin

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Home Alone

Last week my parents decided to go to Madras.I was goin to stay here.
I was all excited..some independance wud do me good :-)
However my parents thought it wouldn't be safe for me to be alone and left my kid cousin bro with me.As if hes gonna do some dishum dishum if we are attacked my thieves..Anyways I was not all that disappointed.How much trouble can a kid cause?oh boy!Was I wrong?
These three days without my mom has been crazy.I was strictly told that I was supposed to cook as my cousin might fall sick if he eats food from outside.
The first day I got up really early and decided to make dosa. I was totally sleepy.
My cousin followed me around to the kitchen.. He stood next to me and was giving a running commentary on whatever I was doing.Every now and then he would give me a disapproving look and say "tch mom nevvvverrr does it that way"..The third time he said that I wanted to spank him.However that didn't seem an intelligent thing to do so I stopped with a glare and somehow succeeded in shooing him away.

Usually I cook in er.. I can make something edible.I do not know what happened that day,the dosa was attached to the pan like its stuck with superglue or something.I lost my patience.Finally the dosa tasted good..but only thing was that it didn't have an appealing shape.I was gettin late and there was nothing else I could do.So I took it to him like it was.He just kept staring at it and asked me very innocently "edhu enna eppadi erukku?".I was quite ready for that one and told him confidently its supposed to be scrambled dosa..something like kothu parota..and i also told him that u get it only in saravana bhavan..Analysing the whole thing now i feel i shudve cut out the saravana bhavan stuff.. (When am I goin to learn?)
Anyways my mom called at that time and talked to my cus.He promptly told the whole story along with the saravana bhavan stuff.Telephone conversation ended in me hearing a lecture.Even the lecture was ok,am quite used to it.But when my when my mom finally said "En de paavam kozhandhaya(!!) emathara?" ("Dont fool the poor child") I felt "Why me?" Rest of the day I felt like a crook!!
That evening after all this I really needed to destress myself and had to watch a movie.I picked "When Harry met Sally" I assumed he would go to sleep early and I can watch it peacefully.I dunno why my planning always flops..
It was ten in the night and he was still wide awake.
I thought big deal,I would watch the movie.I told him to stop his WWF.He agreed immediately.I thought to myself..mebbe hes a sweet boy after all.

Ive never regretted anything in my life like watching the movie that day. I couldn't handle his questions!!I wanted to burst out laughing at whatever he was asking.But ofcourse I couldn't .I switched it half way and back to WWF..much more safer!
Hope I just survive this week without any disasters!!

and how I miss my mom!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Weekend!

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I can't believe its weekend already!I noticed something er..funny just now.I searched for the word "Korangu"(means Monkey in Tamil) in google and guess what!The first result it displays is my blog ..sheesh!!of all things... I cant even remember writing about monkeys!!I felt better only after seeing the next result-Lazygeek's :)

Here is me wishing you all a great weekend.Party!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Madras nalla Madras..

*Just got back from Madras.And it was such a lovely trip.I must say that the weather was not my preferred best.oh boy!was it hot?Anyways its not like am not used to it..Still if only the weather had been good , atleast tolerable in Madras...ok *ahem* will stop here about the weather.
*Went to this place called Murugan idli in Besant Nagar.It turned out to be a big disappointment, after all the build up and the mouth watering descriptions by my cousins.Then after some research found out that their TNagar center is supposed to be good..hmm must try it the next time
*Watched chandramukhi again..and confirmed that there is no ghost in the movie(I think I have gone crazy)

*Caught up with my school friend, whom I met after 2 years.There is something about certain people.It feels the same even if you haven't met them for ages.We split this very choclaty chocolate icecream between us and it just lay there forgotten.Finally it melted and became a mess.Somehow gulped it down.It tasted like Bournvita (yuck!!)
We talked about so many things- arranged & love marriage,sai baba & God , techies,job changes,onsite opportunities ,Palghat Iyers and Tam Brahms, Madras & Bangalore,chandramukhi ,Rajini,Kamal and it was already time to go home.
*Went to the beach.Felt like half of Madras was out there.It was awesome. Though I ended up having Tsunami nightmares.

Picked up this amazing Mp3-Instrumentals of Ilayaraja and ARR songs..Has about 100 songs.I dont have to say how good it is.There was this particular piece from the movie Singara Velan which I kept playing over and over ,at home, for god only knows how long .And finally my dad glared at me and told me something which can be translated as "It will be kind of you, if you can put if off" and I assure you its definetely not polite .Had to hear a lecture too and something about not helping my mom in the kitchen.Wanted to tell him that I was actually doing her a favour by not helping .Anyways decided not to and stopped the music.
*Drove along the road to Pondicherry.Its lovely, especially if you can go in the evening.When I have enough money I should buy a house somewhere there.*sigh* Will that day ever come? :-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The way you make me feel..

I opened the door.I had no idea the weather outside was so beautiful.The wind was blowing in light waves. It was comfortably chill. The smell of mud was intoxicating.It was about to rain.
I thought how I loved the rain.
I started walking my way, towards home , lost in my thoughts wishing the rain would pour its heart out.A few more minutes and my wishes came true.
I was soaked wet,my feet covered with slush.The streets were smelly.I hurried across the road.
And I thought how I loved the rain.It stopped in sometime.
Once home and after a steaming cup of coffee, I settled on the sofa wondering what I should that evening.I mentally made a list of things I had to do.I could finish the book I borrowed from my friend, practice my keyboard lessons, call my relatives , clean my cupboard.I finally reached for the TV remote.
They say that rains make you feel blue.But it was the first time it did to me.
Gloom settled around me .Its funny how you can suddenly start feeling lonely in a house full of people ,all around you, talkin to you..yet there is something quite not right about the whole scene.
I was remembering those friends who I had somehow lost on my way to this day.I was missing all those times which seemed more fun and without reason too.Still...
I tried my best to stop these train of thoughts.But they wouldn't go away.
A few minutes passed and I heard splattering on my roof.
I went out to my balcony and watched the rain.
I walked in few minutes later.Feeling Comforted.

Song for my mood:It must have been love -by
Roxette from the movie- Pretty Woman

Lay a whisper on my pillow
Leave the winter on the ground
I wake up lonely,there's air of silence
In the bedroom and all around
Touch me now, I close my eyes
And dream away...

It must have been love,
but it's over now
It must have been good,
but I lost it somehow

It must have been love,
but it's over now
From the moment we touched
till the time had run out

Make believing we're together
That I'm sheltered by your heart
But in and outside I turn to water
Like a teardrop in your palm

And it's a hard winter's day
I dream away...

It must have been love,
but it's over now
It was all that I wanted,
now I'm living without

It must have been love,
but it's over now
It's where the water flows,
it's where the wind blows