Friday, April 29, 2005


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Story Outline - 80% Kushi and some telugu movies and there you have Sachin!
Comedy -Thaangala!!
The Cast- Dunno why Bipashu Basu is there..Dont even know whether shes a student or a lecturer in the movie.

Genelia tries very hard to act like Jyothika.
And her dialogue delivery?too and what dialogues..She can write a book on -How to say "Shut up " in 100 ways
Really prefer not to comment about Vijay..
Songs- Fast forward
Question in my mind after the movie-Do people really fall in love this way?!
Edhula philosophy mela philosophy about love in the movie!!!
Word of advice - Kindly avoid
And the one who recommended this movie has it from me!

Monday, April 25, 2005


Atlast gotto watch Chandramukhi this weekend :) I won't feel left out anymore
*Jyothika was the biggest mistake of the movie!!
It was like Malika Sherawat doing the classic amma role..The least she could have done was hone her dancing skills...
Especially if you have seen Shobana in
Manichithrathazu,the malayalam
version of the movie.Shobana's dance in the end is beautiful..and she's
simple stunning.Why am I even comparing Shobana and Jyothika?!
However,Jo tries her best to scare us with her big eyes...and succeeds in looking like a weirdo.
*I was delighted to see my school time fav Vineeth in the movie *drool* but hes hardly there in the movie ,
just like Nayanthara..However Vadivelu is there..every frame..!!
*The telugu song "ra , ra" in the movie is so sweet to listen to..No wonder Bharathiyar sang.."Sundara Theluginil...'
*I have heard so much about how the Japanese love Rajini but I was nevertheless surprised to see so many Japanese in the queue for the tickets!!
*For the ones who have watched the movie..they never explained how the clock,cups etc break in the first half of the movie?!or did I doze off when they did?

Friday, April 15, 2005

Bunty Aur Babli

Bunty And Babli got along great from the day they met.
Bunty was in kerala all his life...until recently when fate brought him to Madras.
Babli lived in Adam street in Mylapore,Madras.Pattu maami was the world to her.She was her mother,friend,guide..just about everything.She treated her like she was a little child..She would often cuddle and hug her...
You must be wondering why pattu maami named her "Babli" instead of some Gayathri or lakshmi.Thats bcos Babli was adopted when she was small.She was found on the streets lying helpless.Pattu maami ,a kind soul,took her in her arms and from then on she has been growing up in her house. Everything was fine in their little world until Bunty arrived.
It was a hot day and Babli skipping in front of her house,noticed Bunty slowly walking down the street.Bunty was tall,dark and very handsome.He had greenish eyes.He would have looked evil if not for his cute little mustache.Babli on the other hand was very fair.She was quite a beauty.Well!Opposites do attract..
Instant liking was what it was.They would meet everyday at a park near Babli's house and stand there talking.
Can any love story be so right n easy?There has to be some confusion,some problem.So it was that Pattu maami hated Bunty.She could not stand the sight of him.Everytime he crossed her path she would mutter under her breath..and glare at him...But Bunty was a cool chap and he just shrugged it off..
Bunty influenced Babli in many ways..Bunty loved sea food.Babli had never gone near it because pattu mami was strictly vegeterian and would cry "Shiva!Shiva!" at the smell of anything close to meat.One fine day,Bunty got some steaming hot fish curry for Babli to try and as luck would have it,Pattu maami walked into the park..and glared at them..Babli ran away while Bunty shaking could not hold on to the fish and dropped it on pattu maami.He stood there shocked. Pattu maami went wild and was disgusted.Hate grew even worse.
Bunty found the place unsuitable for him and wanted to leave.He asked Babli if she would run away with him.She would not hear it.After all pattu maami cared so much for her and had brought her up to what she was today.

Things kept going on this way when suddenly Babli fell ill one day.She lied curled up in her bed the whole day..This was the first day Bunty had stayed without seeing Babli.He kept roaming near her house hoping to get a glimpse of his sweet heart.But alas!!No such luck...He went to bed feeling lonely and miserable.He could not sleep.So he got up determined to see Babli somehow.He jumped the wall to her house and went to the back yard.He sat there thinking how to get in when suddenly he heard someone coughing.It was Pattu Maami!!He started cursing the gods...Pattu maami caught sight of his green eyes and screamed so loud that Bunty went nearly deaf.
He sprinted out...Pattu maami's screams attracted the street dogs.They chased him and he could not escape their rabid bites..All for love!
The next day Babli felt much better and came out and looked for Bunty here and there.She could not spot him and saw Pattu maami walking down the corridor.She meowed for milk.She was hungry.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy New Year

Wishing all of you a very very happy and prosperous New year.
Iniya Putthaandu Nal Vazhthukkal..!!
May this year be filled with sweet moments!!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Why oh Why?

I really do not know why...
I have given it enough thought and I still do not know why Iam bored sick of Bangalore.
Inspite of its fantastic weather,and the unsalty colourless water..I still don't like the place.Its been just a year(not even a year) and yet..
Theres nothing much I can think of doing in Bangalore.I really can't walk up and down MG road Again!!Snake n Ladder with my neighbour's nasty kid sounds more appealing.
Theres just the Cinema which seems like a better option.You can imagine the wonderous state Iam in if I watched some Telugu movie called "Soggadu " last Saturday..A language I dont understand and jhing ping colours I dont fancy too much.It was fun though.
I even applied some reverse strategy..instead of thinking why I dont like Bangalore I even thought whats attracting me so much to madras(No I will never say Chennai)..Theres no long lost Boyfriend there..Most of my friends have left.There are a few special ones though..I miss the beach a lot..but after all this that much.Mebbe its just my tailor..I never found another one like him here(and pls dont get me in the wrong sense here)
And to think of it I used to hate standing in the queue for the yucky water.
Hmm..Inspite of all the sweating , the heat , the koovam , the dishum-dishum with the auto fellas..I simply love Madras.Its just more vibrant.And its home.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Just Wondering

Thinking monkety
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This may sound silly..But I was just thinking..whats the word for male monkey and female monkey..hmm..Even in Tamil there are no two words..!

Btw,Happy weekend!!!