Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What the hell?!! Prince charming finally arrived and woke me up from my beauty sleep.
So many things have happened....I feel outta touch and confused..too many things to blog about..Lemme start with what happened today..
Something totally frustrating..But the experience is actually doing me some good..One thing my opinion about myself has improved..(once you finish reading this you'll definetely wonder what its gotto do with this..but never mind somethings in life can never be explained)
So let me start from the beginning..I was out of town the past few days and my mobile was in roaming..All I did was send a few sms and make very few calls.... I got back yday and my credit in my mobile is completely gone..*gulp* It was quite unaffordable ..ok..I revived from the shock..and recharged it..and from then on I've not been able to send any sms..not that sms is like air and water to me but hey!..they charge us like crazy!!
So from yday its been fight fight fight with the Customer "Care"..
Customer Scare wud be more apt..
I explained the problem once, twice, thrice..finally lost my patience..
And then I gotto speak to this executive...I asked her name..
she said some xyz...I said I needed her full name..I wanted to get back
to her in case the problem was not fixed..and she was like xyz is my full name..I didnt quite understand..and said "Wha???dont u have initials, surname..something ??!!" and she actually said "No ma'm, I dont have any surname" I didnt know whether to laugh or cry..I was more than tempted to ask her if she fell from the sky..Then thot it wudnt sound all that appropriate..She could have atleast made up some surname..!!
And there was this other person who just cut the line half way while I was
complaining..I could practically hear her asking the guy next to her
"psst..can I hang up..??" and then Bang....*sigh*
Absolutely crappy service!!
Now its more than 24hrs since I complained..and still no action
Iam seriously contemplating if I shud just chuck my sim card
in the trash..
But that means giving up..NO WAY!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Perfect Day!

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Wow!What a day..ok..Nothing great happened..It was just one of those days which leaves you with a very contented feeling.
I just have two big missions to accomplish every day.
One is getting up on time.
Yes !I suffer from the opposite of insomnia(I dunno whats it called...blame it on my ignorance)
So today shockingly I was up early.Getting up on time really does leave you with a nice feeling..i.e if you do it once in a while I guess.
Then Mission 2..this is really my Mission impossible.15-20 mins of torture..Crossing the road to my office.Iam the kind(mebbe theres no one else of this kind) who is practically terrified to cross the road..RoadCrossophobia!!I look like Iam stranded in the middle of some Formula1 racing track..I just keep gaping at all the trucks and cars and maatu vandis(even they seem to whiz)whizzing past me...When there are no vehicles coming from the left they are coming from the right and when nothing from the right then from the left...oh god!!will it ever stop??
*sigh* When are we going to learn to respect pedestrians anyways?.I usually tag along with someone who is also crossing and *phew*.
But today!!
I had no problem at all..Not even a minute and I was across.. I was almost hifi ing in the air..
Then entered office anticipating loads of work.And surprise surprise I had almost nothing to do for the day.So I was exploring all the smilies on
Smiley Central.. top to bottom.oh boy!Was that fun? Whip
This is the cutest Ive ever seen!!
Then perfect ending to perfect day.I had this dessert called
"Missisiippi Mud pie" (am sure Ive spelt it wrong)It definetely doesnt taste like mud..not that Ive tasted much of mud in the last mebbe 20 years..
But it was totally awesome.It wasnt only the ice cream but the way they had presented the whole thing.The plate was dusted which chocolate and there was a saying on it too.Ultimately ended up eating the whole thing saying and all.Yummy!
Now I think I shud just chill with a movie.
A day like this in a week..or even once is 2 weeks is more than enuf to destress you!