Friday, July 22, 2005


Wow!!!Its been one lucky day!!!*touch wood*
Hope this continues :D
Happy Weekend!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Me : psst..Who is Sundareshwar?
Dad: Meenakshi's Husband
Me : ohh!
My mom (overheard only a part of this conversation):yaaru?pakkathu veeti maami?
Me : ellai, saami
My mom , dad and myself at Meenakshi temple

Friday, July 15, 2005

The bulb!

I had just reached home and got off my shoes.My dad squealed with delight and patting my shoulders said "very good!!very good!!"
I was totally surprised and excited.
oh god!!now,what did i do??
Won a lottery?(not possible!I never buy lottery tickets)
Won the 5 kgs of gold in the akshayathrithigai lucky draw?(no!the draw results were announced long time back)
Some Gift Certificate?(hmm?)
I got promoted and they decided to send the letter home?(Er..fat chance!)
My dad finally realised that iam after all a boon to the world?(hmm..possible)
was he being saracastic?Phone bills?(huh?Hope not!)
He seemed to be genuinely pleased..
My brain was processing all this and i was mentally constructing a huge flowchart.Why Why???Finally,Me-"what happened?what?what?".
My dad with a content smile - "For the first time in your life you have kept your shoes in the stand"
Thud -my heart!
However i actually heard a thud..huh..?
I turned back.My shoe had fallen off the rack.D'uh..!!
Never go against nature!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Something serious

Have u noticed how difficult it is to be at the right place at the right time?
Everything seems to be going quite fine.But somehow things get messed up in the end because you are not there at the right time.You probably missed it by a few minutes here and there. And why were u not there at that time?
Because you were busy hee-heeing at the latest joke you received in email(which in all probabilities you received two days back) .
Or mebbe because you were involved in a serious discussion about the different implications of , the girl and guy from the adjacent cubicle going to tea together.
Some similar stuff -the simple pleasures in life.
Again you might get slightly lucky and maybe you are there at the right time, but some weirdo has taken possession of your body and you end up saying things you dont mean and reverse things for urself.Dump the good fortune handed to you on a gold plate.
And let me tell you ,the second one makes you feel worse than the first.
Its like this - Iam running in a marathon.Iam just goin to reach the finish line.I would have finished first.But there is this irresistable unknown force which just wields me off the track.
Iam sure you are suspecting what could have sparked off this thought. all started bcos of something really trivial..something as silly as being late for the bday party and there is no cake left.
But u never know!Never ignore the small things.Its these which actually shape into elephant sizes later and one day you'll be shocked at how it got so big.
I thought a lot about the whole thingie.A feeble attempt to find an explanation.A concrete reason.
I could not neither explain to myself nor conclude.
But oh yea!I can always blame the planets.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Anniyan - Disappointment

What to look out for:
1.Vivek's comedy track- *****
2.Vikram's acting-****
3.Songs - *** Foot tapping numbers.Leaves you humming "Randaka Randaka".
"Kaadhal Yaanai Remo" has been picturised nicely-stylish.Yana Gupta adds colour.She looks hot!Both Vikram and Yana have amazing screen presence.Even "Kannum Kannum Nokia" sounds good inspite of its absolutely crappy lyrics.
4.Nothing is left unexplained.The story line is good.The exaggeration spoils it.

What could have been better :
1.The First 10 minutes -They show Ambi picking up fights
for different(all possible) reasons-What a bore!
2.Overdose of Violence-gross!
3.Over over dose of graphics and hi-fi lookin sets.The movie has got Shankar painted -in -red all over it.Hits your eyes like bright lights.
4.Back Ground Music-could have been something better than "Oh-sha-ko-mi-ya" whenever Anniyan appears!
5.Remo-Over Peter.Unbearable!

Final word-Its not a must-watch.Can watch it if you are ok with the violence.But you will definetely not feel great when you leave the movie hall.Its kinda depressing.