Sunday, December 18, 2005

been a while..

Hey there!
Iam back after long.I cannot believe I actually came in early to blog.Now thats a good sign.Well!there are things I still like doing other than lazing around.I really admire people who remain active in Bangalore.Iam awed by guys who go on these really tiring weekend trips and
tell me about it when I sleepily walk in on Monday looking grumpy.And all I would have done through out weekend is catching some sleep in between naps.which by the way drives my mother mad.Whose favourite word is surusurrupu...and i really dunno what it means.

So for a person like me coming to work early on Monday is a great kick.The empty cubicles.Gives you the feeling that you are ahead of everyone else.Well, should I mention the fact that I was literally thrown out of the house bcos of this really sad and scary incident.
So starting the day early is gonna be my resolution for this new year.And getting home by 7:30 atleast.And blogging regularly is going to be my other.These are my only two resolutions.
The year ahead is goin to be a significant one.With added responsibilities and lots of changes.Sticking to these resolutions will definetely please my loved ones.It will be something I will proudly boast about..Like my morning walks.I have started going for these long walks in the morning, which figures in the top five of the best-things-ive-done-this-year list.My friends gasped when they found out.My parents think its an achievement.It does put me off slightly when I see their shocked looks..and say "Prabha vaaa??"..But still gives me this "Yea..iam great or what" feeling.Anyways life is changing and whoa...big time!! and for the better :-)