Monday, June 27, 2005


Brinjal Bliss-Receipe


Stuff needed for preparation:
1.Brinjals-4 to 5 medium , small sized (purple ones)
2.Dry red chillies-5 (If you have ulcer please use 2)
3.Dhaniya-1.5 tablespoon
4.Urad dal,bengal gram (Ulutham,kadalai paruppu)-one tablespoon each
5.Peanuts-15 nos(This is a must)
7.Turmeric powder
8.Grated Coconut(optional)-2 tablespoons
9.Curry leaves
11.Salt to taste

You have to
1Cut the brinjals into halves or fours(Don't bother the worms)
2.Half cook the brinjals-Either pressure cook with very little water or put it in boiling water for
10 minutes.Keep aside.
3.Add a teaspoon of oil to a pan and fry the red chillies,dhaniya,urad dal,bengal gram
peanuts,coconut and curry leaves
4.Fry for two to three minutes till the coconut becomes reddish brown.
5.Remove and grind in mixie.Do not add water.
6.Add oil in a pan and add the mustard
7.Add the brinjals.
8.Add the dry paste(er..dry something)
9.Then add a pinch of turmeric powder and salt according to taste
10.Keep frying in low flame for 10 mins

Recommended with curd rice
If you fall sick after trying this - do not curse me!


2.Finally found the title track of mouna raagam


3.A week long vacation

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


It was raining.Tea and rain make a nice combination.
My friend and me decided to take our tea downstairs.
We wanted watch the rain through the glass doors.
One sip.
We realised there was no sugar in the tea.
So climbed back to add some.
By the time we went down again the tea had gone cold.
And the rain had stopped.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Tagged Again!!!

Thanks vivhyd for tagging me!
Here I go,

Total Number of Books I Own:
Total number of books given to others and never came back
I really Don' t remember..If I had kept atleast an approximate count ,I dont think I would have lost it..:-)
Total number of books flicked from others
Again Dont remember..(Give and Take Policy)

Last Book I bought
Five Point Someone, Secrets of the Code

Last Book I was gifted
"What Katy Did?".....This is the only book I have ever been gifted..That too when I was in school

Last Book I read
The Monk who sold his Ferrari..(I decided Iam never going to buy these kinda books again after this one!!)
I am currently reading
(Trying to read)MSDN Magazine

Five Books that mean a lot to me
1.Phone book
2.College REM book(The only thing I triple checked to see if I packed , while leaving my college..)
3.Illusions by Richard Bach
4.Love Story-by Erich Segal
5.My Final year Automobile Engg textbook(Kindly don't be mistaken that I have attached educational value to it)

Who am I gonna tag ?
Iam tagging back
Sangeetha and Sriram :-)
Every dog has its day!

Monday, June 13, 2005


sangeets, uve proved yourself a Teacher amma finally ;-)
And sriram,You proved to be a devil..
I was never good at quizing!!
and ok here me goes...

Three Names I Go By :

Three Screen Names :

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
my fingers, pony tail, shoulders

Three Physical Things You Don’t Like About Yourself:
feet,nails and ears

Three Things That Scare Me :
For the past few days Cats!!!
I scare myself sometimes. :-)

Three Things I Want To Do Badly Right Now:
Something i would like to do right now
1.Go home!!!
2.have patience to buy batteries on the way, so I could listen on my walkman
3.get hold of a nice book which will have all of it -humour(the witty kind),suspense,romance,some philosophy and action.

Three Careers I have considered/Am Considering Right Now:
Iam definetely not considering any career option right now..but it would be real fun to do something cool like this..
1.When I was a kid I was quite fascinated by these guys in VGP golden beach(its an amusement park in madras)who stand like a statue wearing some weirdo costume..I would like to try it out sometime
2.Design Tshirts in gory colours(neon,fluroscent that types) with some non sense slogans written on it.
3.Counsel people(U dont even get advice for free nowadays)
On a serious note..when I feel I have achieved something and I have enuf money , I think I might just want to run a restaurant or sit at home.

Three Places I Want To Go On A Vacation
So many places!!But these are the only places that are within my reach right now
Abroad I think New York , Paris , Maldives

Three Kiddy Names I Like :
No funky mouth twisting sanskrit names for me..

Three Things To Do Before I Die :
Take a one month vacation and visit everyone I want to.Thats about it!

Total Number Of Films I Own On Dvd/Video:

Last film I bought
Matrix and Matrix Reloaded(still not watched it..)

Last film I watched:
in theatre Bunty Aur Babli(sad movie..dont even think about it)
on TV,Minnale

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
2. cell phone
(Its the third one which is always the problem..Two things shudve been enuf....)
3.aah!My Access card

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
2.finger ring
3.Slippers :)

Thanks sangeets and sriram..I had to think a lot you know..!!
Strain for my brain :-)
Anybody and everybody who blogs is tagged!!
So u all better take this test.It does a lot of self improvement..Believe me!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

While I was sleeping...

Weird things can happen anytime.It can even happen when everything around you looks so peaceful.(Do I sound like Mr.Dursley?)
Its worse if it happens when you are sleeping, snoring your way to glory.
Early today morning,like any other day, I was sleeping , what with the weather being nice and cold...
And I just dunno what hit me.My face was suddenly hurting.I screamed , screeched sooooo loud...Iam sure I mustve woken all my neighbours. I was scared even to open my eyes.I just shut it tightly and shouted for my mom.I could vaguely hear my dad's voice, like he is mumbling something from inside a well.He was saying "Its alright..its nothing"
I slowly opened my eyes.I first saw my mom next to me.She had put her hands over her mouth , like her name was just announced as Miss.Universe.
Why did I suddenly feel like Urmila from Booth?I just didn't know what was happening.
I was sleepy- and worried!!!!!I wanted someone to explain....
My mom didnt look like she was about to recover. Finally my dad told me casually that a cat jumped thru the window and had scratched my cheeks.
I gasped out of relief and suddenly became very alive.I jumped up and ran to check in the mirror..hmmm..Not all that bad.Three red marks near my left eye.I looked like a cannibal or maybe even a Red Indian.
My dad started examining the scratches thru his specs..*groan*
And then came the Rabies scare.I always thought Rabies comes only from Dog bites.I had to go around look for a hospital ,that too in Bangalore where even
tea shops don't open at that hour!!Somehow found a clinic and took an injection( *sob sob*)
What a way to start a Friday morning!
After all this excitement,I had to start for work.I looked like I was involved in some roadside brawl yday night. All my efforts to conceal the marks failed.Finally all I could do was put my hair over my eyes(yes, a fair resemblance to undertaker)
Whatever!!Fright of my life!!

Looks like canceling the entrance exams for Engg and Medical has upset many students.This is so totally unfair!What say?

Iam hooked on to this song, July Malargale...Karthik has such a soothing voice..sounds very much like Vijay(er ok, better than Vijay)...Only Sadhana sargam has kola pannified the Tamil..."July malaar-hale,July malaar-haaale,Un-kel etdhhiriyaai oru aalagun erukkkeeeraaan..." !!!
Listen to it...

Monday, June 06, 2005

Eating out!

I started it all.One fine day I told my Dad very worriedly that my mom spends too much time in the kitchen and shes gonna dissolve in the sambhar some day soon.I suggested that he cooks on Sundays..He alternatively suggested that we go out for lunch on Sundays.
This was not new.We keep planning something like this but it never works.But this time we were determined to make it work.
It was also decided that my dad and me will pick up the bill every alternate week.gulp!Too bad, I dont get pocket money anymore.But me being a sweet daughter ,I gave in.

Last Sunday was the day we were gonna put our plan into action.We set out at 1 o'clock.We decided to go to MTR,near Lalbagh.If you are in Bangalore this is The place for authentic Karnataka food or so I've been told.
Doors closed.
How can a place be closed for lunch at one????We were told that we will have to wait for atleast 2 hours.No thanks!

We decided on Nandini next.This place serves Andhra food.Yumm!!Hot n spicy.
Lal Bagh to Jayanagar.Got into the restaraunt.I dunno about spicy,but hot, it defintely was.It was stuffy and filled with people.It reminded me of a bee hive.There was no place to stand.Seriously whats happening to our population???It looked like they were giving free food.
I gave my name to the manager.My name was at the end of the sheet after 3 sheets!!!
I stood and waited and waited and waited...My stomach was grumbling and my dad was grumbling too.Why do people pick on me when they are bugged? I started wondering if it was my dad or Walter Vertrivel standing next to me.Hmph!And there are certain things which can just get on to your nerves.
If I have to say it in Ramana style "Tamizhla enakku pidikaadha moone moonu varthai-Naa appove sonnen"
Anger and Hunger was killing me.I crawled from where I was standing to somewhere close to the tables.My luck, in sometime a table was cleared and I just sneaked in.Normally Iam an honest person.But Iam sure that I was exempted from all sins that day.I called my dad.My brother exclaimed suspiciously"Hey!Adhukkulla seat kadachuduthha?!"
I hissed back "Edho medical collegela seat kadachha maadhiri,vaaya moodu!!"
Finally we were seated.My aching legs! I usually scan the menu for atleast 15 mins.That day I did not even care to look at the menu.We ordered in a jiffy.
I looked for something edible on the table to munch on before our food arrived.There was nothing except tooth picks and tissue.Shucks!

It was almost 3 o 'clock.Bored I was looking around .Next to our table there was this huge group of about 15 people.They made me want to bang on the table and shout "Order!Order!"
They always laughed together
"Ha ha ha ha"
"Hee hee hee hee"
"ha ha ha hee hee hee"
"heh ha heh ha"(Donkey??)
I was silently wondering if it was some laughter therapy(Can't they stick to the beach/park?") or mebbe some experiment on their vocal chords.

My thought process was interrupted.Food!!I attacked,gobbled,swallowed.Who cares about table manners?My dad and brother were doin the same.But my mom!! I do not know from where my mom gets all the energy.She has this habit of commenting non-stop on the food when we eat out.She has to say a word about the ingredients used and not used. Usually I pitch in and give my expert culinary comments but I kept my head almost burried in the plate.The food kept me busy.But I made up for it later.We discussed pickles all the way back home.
Cawliflower pickle was what I liked the most.I learnt not to gape at Andhra pickles when my Telugu roomie in college introduced me to Drumstick pickles.But still,Cawliflower pickle is something exotic!
Finally reached home.
Aah!And I don't think Ill want to repeat this routine again.These things never work!!